Tropical Resort

Tropical Garden Bungalows.

Open all year round, with its private swimming pool, fully stocked international bar, restaurant with activities including yoga classes, private Muay Thai training and Padi scuba diving school.

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Relax and Enjoy

A Tropical break on Koh Phangan Island means swimming in the turquoise sea or exploring the mountainous interior with more than half the island designated as national park and unspoiled rain forest with diverse flora and fauna. It is also considered a spiritual place, with numerous Buddhist temples and retreats. Scuba diving is one of the main adventure activities on the island with easy access to the best diving site in the Gulf of Thailand. If all this seems to much then just unwinding on the miles of powder soft beaches which span the perimeter of the island. The beach on Ao Chaloklum is about two and a half kilometres long, with the main village of Chaloklum right in the centre.

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tropical bungalows

Nestled in the shadow of Koh Rhao, the highest point on Koh Phangan is the garden resort of Hin Bhai. The name is the direct translation of 'Sail Rock' the famous rocky outcropping in the Gulf of Thailand that has become the East Coast's premier dive location. 

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